Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Charlotte Food: Price's Chicken Coop

Located on 1614 Camden Road

the menu

mmm, fried chicken

The box that holds the greasy goodness!

My "small" dinner plate.

Price's Chicken Coop is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte. The concept is simple: Southern fried chicken, country fixins, and rot-your-teeth sweet tea. Price's also serves fish, shrimp, BBQ, and sandwiches. The food is seriously amazing but what amazes me everytime I go there are the people (see Tweet below). They're all amazing human beings and that's what makes Price's even more special.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you go to Price's:
  • Cash only! (gift certificates are available and so is a small ATM hiding behind a soda machine)
  • Get off your cell phones! (if you screw up your own order because you were distracted they're not responsible)
  • Closed on Sunday & Monday (the two days I crave it most)

Price's is located on 1614 Camden Road, Charlotte, NC 28203

All photos taken by me.

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