Thursday, June 30, 2011

Building a Closet: The Walls

Originally, we were going to paint the walls of the closet before we put in all the units but after feeling a little lazy (and cheap) about it we decided not to do it.

But a part of me still wanted funky colors to adorn the walls. What's the point of building this beautiful space and not going all the way?

A few weeks back, a friend of mine decided to paint an accent wall in her Uptown apartment. The white walls were driving her crazy. She has never painted and thought it was only $20 or so to do so. My eyes got wide and I went into a 20 minute dissertation on the initial investment and first steps (like locking away her cat for the duration of the project). Another friend chimed in and mentioned that it cost $5000 to paint her tiny condo.

At that point we realized that we killed her dream of a fun colored wall... And then I remembered hearing about "apartment wallpaper" and that she should Google it, also known as temporary wallpaper.

Then I realized that it would be perfect for the closet. No mess to clean up and no need to spend money again to repaint to a bland off white color when it is time to rent/sell the house!

I found a company named Tempaper and fell in love. The following three samples are due to show up on our door step this week:

Marrakesh - Ruby Slate

Edie - Frosted Teal

Edie - Lemon Ash

Which one should I pick?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: t-108 Days

According to The Knot I'm screwed. I have a 169 items left to do before the wedding.


For some reason I'm not yet freaked out. Part of my day job includes event planning for 20-200 people and I have been able to pull off some crazy things last minute. Granted, this is my wedding and money so I'm a lot tighter with the money and care a lot more.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm addicted to Pinterest and have finally started to form a vision for what I want our big day to look like.

I'm in love with white umbrellas, tent like draping, white pumpkins, lemons & limes, branches and over sized centerpieces.

Craigslist is becoming a friend of mine too. Hoping to find some vintage inspired decorations!

What are some budget friendly decorations did you use in your wedding or are planning on using?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Building a Closet: Lighting

Having great lighting can make or break a home... and in my case, my closet. Once we finish putting in the foundation pieces I would like to add a "statement" light fixture. While cruising, my eyes spotted a sponsored link to Light in the Box. I am hooked! So not only do they have amazing chandeliers for decent prices but they also have some nice clothing. (I'm all about some free advertising!)

The following three chandeliers stood out to me as possible candidates for my closet:

16-light Crystal Contemporary Chandelier

3-lights Crystal Ceiling Light

Iron Chrome 8-light Crystal Ceiling Light with Lamp Cover

Now, who wants to help us re-wire the chandelier from a hard wire to a plug-in?!

All images via LightintheBox

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Building a Closet: The Foundation

B has been slowly piecing my dream closet together. The pieces tend to come on holidays and other special occasions and are assembled and hidden from me and revealed in different ways each time. Currently, I have the following three PAX pieces:

There's room for one more followed by two dressers to be placed in the middle of the closet, back-to-back:

We haven't decided how we're going to handle the shoe situation because I'm not a fan of IKEAs shoe holders. May be another wardrobe with shoe racks from Target placed inside. We'll see!

Looking forward to decorating my closet once the foundation is finished.

All images via

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I've been MIA. With a crazy work travel schedule in April, catching up on life and trying to plan a wedding in May, and with volunteering for a good cause and a volunteering for a board position at a local business association in June...I've been busy.

Somewhere in the madness I crossed over to the dark side and got an iPhone. I love it. Best thing ever. I'm obsessed with instagram and Pinterest and think those apps are the reason why I have a clearer vision for our wedding.

Be back soon.


Friday, June 24, 2011


"It's more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail - then you can dream all the rest around it. Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?" - Dries Van Noten

photos and quote via The Coveteur