Thursday, June 30, 2011

Building a Closet: The Walls

Originally, we were going to paint the walls of the closet before we put in all the units but after feeling a little lazy (and cheap) about it we decided not to do it.

But a part of me still wanted funky colors to adorn the walls. What's the point of building this beautiful space and not going all the way?

A few weeks back, a friend of mine decided to paint an accent wall in her Uptown apartment. The white walls were driving her crazy. She has never painted and thought it was only $20 or so to do so. My eyes got wide and I went into a 20 minute dissertation on the initial investment and first steps (like locking away her cat for the duration of the project). Another friend chimed in and mentioned that it cost $5000 to paint her tiny condo.

At that point we realized that we killed her dream of a fun colored wall... And then I remembered hearing about "apartment wallpaper" and that she should Google it, also known as temporary wallpaper.

Then I realized that it would be perfect for the closet. No mess to clean up and no need to spend money again to repaint to a bland off white color when it is time to rent/sell the house!

I found a company named Tempaper and fell in love. The following three samples are due to show up on our door step this week:

Marrakesh - Ruby Slate

Edie - Frosted Teal

Edie - Lemon Ash

Which one should I pick?

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