Friday, July 16, 2010

I Left My Heart in... Charleston

Charleston, SC is one of my favorite cities to visit. The food is amazing and so is the shopping. There's history on every corner. It's charming, it's Southern, it's unique.

I was there for work this week (off-site meeting) and decided to take a day off after all was said and done. I'm glad I did! I walked around the historical downtown in 90+ degree weather with even high levels of humidity. There's so much to discover!

Pictures and amazing discoveries will be posted in the next couple of days/weeks. For now I leave you with a picture of myself from three years ago walking down the street on the way to an amazing dinner at Cypress.


  1. Charleston will always have a piece of my heart. It's my favorite place on earth! Couldn't agree with you more.

  2. One of my fave places too, it's where I went to Uni!!! Is that you in the 1st pic? :)