Sunday, January 5, 2014


I have yet to set any goals for 2014 or come up with New Year's resolutions. May be it's because I don't wait till "January 1" to get started on what is important. Last year brought the change and the growth that I craved so badly. I want more of the same this year. Just less pain and heartbreak this time, please and thank you.

After two months of non-stop activities, the calendar for the month of January is guarded like a sacred artifact. It's a much needed lull before things pick back up in the spring.

I spent the weekend tucked away in my office upstairs. We haven't used the room in years as an office because it has been used as a storage for those times we didn't have time nor energy to clean. It's all clean now. Theo enjoyed spending time in the office with me while I organized my life, and he especially enjoyed the squirrels in the tree outside the window.

Hope you have had a fantastic start to a new year and cheers to 2014!


  1. Your dog is so cute :) I like just remembering my mindset for a new year instead of setting resolutions. People tend to let themselves down if they make a goal they can't keep, ya know? I like to focus on positive thinking!

    1. Thanks!

      Positive thinking gets you a lot further and a lot closer to reaching your goals instead of getting discouraged at the beginning of each year.

  2. How are those goals coming along?