Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This Sunday we have an engagement photo session with JJ Horton (thanks to my awesome bff of Sunday Stories fame)!

The closest I've been to a "photo shoot" was my high school senior portrait. I just came back from two weeks in France and was 17 and tan. The photographer hit on me (mom reminded him that she was right there), my hair looked like I got electrocuted, and I was told to prop my chin on my fist while leaning on a fake fence.

Since then, I have figured out that I should let my hair do it's own thing and have gone through the Paris Hilton School of Posing (chin down, smile with eyes, no teeth).

Because research is a specialty of mine, I bring you YouTube's School of Posing:

Ok, ok, so it's fashion posing and only two videos, sue me! ;)

Here are a few real couples and real poses that I love:

via JJ Horton Photography

via Style Me Pretty

via Jasmine Star

via Jasmine Star

via Kristin Vining Photography

Can't wait!

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