Thursday, June 28, 2012

Couch to 5k: The Color Run #C25K

Sometimes I make silly decisions when my blood sugar drops and lunch is still another 30 minutes away. So what did I do this time? Well, I signed up for my first ever 5k. And by first ever I mean there are no 10k or half marathons in my past. I can’t run half a mile in the shape that I’m in now let alone 3.1 miles.

But it’s a 5k unlike any other and I’ve had friends in other cities participate that had a blast. It’s called the Color Run and it is all kinds of fun! More information can be found on their website and to see if they’re coming to a city near you.

picture via the The Color Run website

So what does this mean for me, the big ol’ couch potato that likes to take the elevator one floor up at work and only walks her dog a quarter of a mile every morning? It means it’s time to train! Four and a half months seems like a long time to train but judging by the not so distant past it will fly. Can you believe it’s almost July?! Yeah, me neither.

Last night I started Googling and Pinning anything I could get my hands on that was in anyway related to going from couch potato (me now) to a 5k runner (future me). There are a lot of resources out there and even apps! My goal is to have my plan laid out by the end of this weekend. Shouldn’t be too difficult because I’m planning on spending Saturday wearing as little as possible and sitting in front of the AC vent… the weatherman said something about it being 106 degrees.

Below are some of the resources that I found. Do you have any that you could suggest? Thanks!

- apps: Couch-to-5k (brought to you by and Get Running to name a few. Mashable has a list of 10 Essential iPhone Apps for Runners.
- podcasts & playlists: Running into Shape
- list/note keeping sites: Evernote
- twitter hashtag: #C25K

Very much looking forward to November 17th!

P.S. I celebrated signing up for my first 5k by eating a gorgeous Champagne cupcake from Gigi’s and washing it down with Acqua Panna. Perfection!

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