Friday, July 11, 2014

BYOB | Birchbox

Studies show that it's not about exceeding customers' expectations but making the process easy and painless that makes someone come back to a brand over and over again. As a marketer, it's my job to figure it out for each brand that I work with (not an easy task when you announce to said brand's executive team that they have a lot of internal changes to make to make it work).

As a consumer, I earn to find brands and companies that make my life easy. If you make it easy for me to do business with you, it makes it easy for me to give you all my money.

One such brand is Birchbox and they're taking the experience to a brick-and-mortar location in SoHo. And, if successful (which I'm sure they will be!), I hope they bring the experience to Charlotte. The Ulta's and Sephora's of the world need a little friendly competition down here.

And if not, guess I'll just have to plan a trip to NYC to experience the reinvented BYOB.

All photos via Birchbox.

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