Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Get Fit | Hot Yoga at Arrichion

My day started out in the least zen way possible. I barely slept and woke up much earlier than usual. I also joined the thousands of Charlotteans in rush hour traffic, something I haven't done in a while because I work from home.

People were extra rude, not using turning signals, and I avoided getting into an accident three times. Three. One lady decided to get out of the exit lane at the last minute and ran me out of a two lane exit (surprise, she didn't use a turning signal or looked over to see if anyone was in her way) and back onto the interstate, making me miss my exit. By this point I was cursing and yelling and my blood pressure was through the roof.

view of Uptown from Arrichion

After three years and a six mile detour, I made it to Arrichion.

Why three years? Well, you see, over the past three years I have purchased three Groupon deals and a new student package to Arrichion. The first deal expired because I had an emergency life-saving surgery and couldn't do any physical activity for a while. The second expired because I had a De Quervain syndrome flare up in my right arm and couldn't do anything for a while. The third expired because I was too busy and too tired to even think about yoga (lame, I know). This time, I had no excuses and so the fourth time was the charm.

I've done hot yoga a couple of times seven years ago. I didn't know what I was doing then and still don't know what I'm doing now but I'm open to learn.

Laying down before class in a heated room after my stressful commute was just what the doctor ordered. I felt myself melt into my mat. Literally.

Topaz is a beginners class that focuses on balance, strength, and flexibility. A perfect place to start for someone who only knows the child pose. I liked that there was balance on how much time we spent standing, sitting, planking, and laying on the mat. This was the most focused and balanced I've ever felt.

I can see how yoga becomes a healthy "addiction" because it only took one class for me to get hooked.

After class, everyone looked dewy and refreshed. I was soaked in sweat and my face looked like a baboon's you-know-what. My hair was so wet that my part got confused.

The thing is, I can't wait to go back! Except next time I will be more prepared and bring two towels, one for the mat and one for my face.

Do you yoga? What's your favorite studio in Charlotte?


  1. I love, love, love yoga. I started doing it about 5 years ago to balance out law school (yuck!). My favorite Charlotte studio is Yoga One...I love the hot room, the teachers, the energy and the work out! I've also checked out Okra a few times, very zen.

    1. Eek, yes! Balance, focus, and relaxation are a must in law school! Do you go to the Yoga One in Plaza Midwood or the new one in University?

  2. Hooray! I'm slowly returning to yoga myself. My body misses it for sure. I'm a Y2 girl (you know this), but you really can't go wrong with any of the studios in Charlotte. I bounce around to Okra and Yoga One too. <3

    1. Hip hip hooray! My first foray into yoga was at Yoga One (at their original location). As much as I hate the heat, I love how it just melts everything away (figuratively and literally). :-*